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All About Me

Hey! I am Danny and i love taking photos and film. My passion is capturing lovely moments through video and photos and has definitely taken over me.


Brett (my business partner) and myself have worked on a lot of projects and weddings together and have a good understanding on what the clients or wedding couples want. 

What did you do before?

I left my full time job on the railway to run my own business which was a risk, however the amount of work which was coming in, i had no choose but to take my business to the next level and to fulfil my dreams. 

How Many Wedding?

since 2021 i have done over 30 wedding whether it was video or photos and every couple has loved our work.

What other Project have you done?

In 2023 a good friend of mine (Brett) ask me to help him out in Panto production filming, I have never done this before but with no hesitation i went for it and to this day i still help him out. i've meet some incredible people and celebrities such as Katie Price, Justin, Fletcher, and many more







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